Workshop 6 October 2015 Dolgellau Record Office

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Seven members attended and Hanna Huws, North Wales Communities officer, Cymru dros Heddwch. It was interesting to exchange information and discuss the possibility of co-operating.
These are some of the subjects that emerged:

  • Looking at ways to find peace
  • Children ‘without history’ and how to close the gap
  • The Rememberance Book Project, Rhian James Jones, digitising everyone recorded on memorials in Wales – app available to download

Members: The on-line course ‘futurelearn’ Rhian W has used it and approves it. Two of them at least could be of interest to members.

WW1: Trauma and Memory – starting on 16 November, 2 hours a week for 3 weeks. BBC and the Open University.

WW1 Changing Faces of Heroism – starting on 26 October, 4 hours a week for 3 weeks, Leeds University.

Reference was made to ‘Y Ddau Gefnder’, the story retold by Beryl.
The work by Menna Jones on the history of hospitals in North Wales for World War I soldiers.

Catherine offered scans of documents scanned to place on the Cymru Dros Heddwch in the form of a story. These were transferred to Hanna.

Vivian gave a copy of the detailed work he has undertaken on the Llanrwst Tribunal, mentioned last time. He gave a copy of his article so that we can select parts to be placed on the website and possibly on the People’s Collection Wales website.