Visit to the National Library

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1 June 2019

A good number of the Society’s members visited the National Library at Aberystwyth to hear a talk on the Porkington Collection by Hilary Peters, Assistant Archivist at the Library. Porkington developed from a Welsh motte and bailey castle, established probably by Owain Brogyntyn ap Madog in the 12th century, with only traces of it remaining in Porkington Park today, and became one of North Wales’s largest estates (although in England, the Welsh influence in the area around Porkington was strong for centuries).  Images of buildings, letters and people associated with the estate’s history illustrated the talk. Then we were led to an exhibition of items associated with Porkington and Glyn Cywarch, followed by a tour of the Library with Hilary. This was a memorable day facilitated excellently by the Library staff again.